A new semester is coming and new and old students look to begin afresh. And where else to look for new friends, new accommodation and new hobbies than at one of Lund’s oldest nations! We, the novisch managers at wermlands nation, invite you therefore to our novisch activities. Join in on the novischpub for free popcorn, explore the seaside at Lomma or experience your first running dinner with us, no matter if you’re a member of our nation or not.


All events take place at Wermlands Nation if not otherwise stated.


More information in our facebook-group!


Mon 21/8 Registration opens

The Wermlands Nation office opens and you are welcome in to chat and drink a cup with us, the other foremen and our Kuratel (the important-but-not-so-scary people-who-work-100%-to-take-care-of-our-nation). We have office hours from 10am to 5pm and you are welcome to ask any questions and buy tickets for our events.

Wed 23/8 19.00 Novischpub with quiz and information table

Novischpub is the perfect way to get to know every committee our nation has to offer! Come and meet the responsibles for the choir, environmental committee and basement. During the night KLIO (the history society) arranges a quiz and the novisch managers offer free popcorn and other surprises.

Wed 30/8 11.00 Ice breaker games

What’s a novischperiod without some get-to-know-each-other games?

Wed 30/8 12.00 Trip to Lomma meeting at Wermlands Nation

Our first official event where all of you novisches get to know each other! Join us for fun games and a trip to beautiful Lomma. At Lima we’ll find the beach so don’t forget to bring swimwear, sunglasses and JOJO-card (or Skånetrafiken-app) to get to Lomma.

Mon 11/9 16.00 Vegan Baking and opportunity to attend and talk with the environmental committee

Get environmentally friendly with the nation! We’ll be baking vegan goods for the environmental committee later that night. You are welcome to stay for the meeting and hear what the committee has to offer you.

Wed 13/9 20.00 Jungle themed pre-party and club

Join us in your best jungle themed costume for some pre-partying and then attend the last Wednesday club of the semester!

Tue 19/9 19.00 Potluck Dinner

Bring your favourite dish, it’s time for Potluck dinner!

Sat 23/9 11.30 Frunch with early opening for novisches

Frunch is the nation’s alternative for brunch and offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan brunch-food for budget price. Join the novisch committee for a cozy frunch in the basement. All the novisches at the nations get an early entry to the brunch. Frunch costs 50SEK.

Fri 29/9 18.00 Running Dinner around Lund

Running Dinner is a concept where participants travel from one location to another enjoying a three-course-meal and solving puzzles to find out where the next location is.

Tue 3/10 16:00 Secret activity! @ secret location in Lund

sshhh… don’t tell anyone!

(further information coming later.)

Sat 7/10 19:00 Novisch-party

Novisch-party is the traditional celebration of Wermlands and Blekingska nation. This year we gather at Wermlands Nation for a sittning - a student life tradition in Lund. Sittning is a three-course-dinner with singing and other entertainment. Afterwards the club is open for dancing all night! This is a must-do during your first semester - buy your tickets at the office!

Fri 13/10 18.00 Tour de Lund @ around Lund

Tour De Lund is the official round-up for the novisch activities. Tour De Lund is the mock-up of Tour De Chambres that are popular in Lund. This is a theme party where the theme changes with the place. So get your bike ready and get ready to see Lund - one party at a time!