What is Studentlund?

Studentlund is the whole Student life gathered in one membership.

Studentlund consists of the nations, the Academic Society and the student unions.When you become a member of Studentlund you get access to a social community and cultural events. You also get the opportunity to influence your education, establish contacts with the labor market, access housing queues and more.

One membership - the entire student life

Why should I be a member?

Studentlund is a membership consisting of the so-called "three pillars" which consists of the nations, the Academic Society and the student unions. This membership is not just one of its kind, but one of the strongest contributing factors why new students continue to choose to study in Lund each semester. Studentlund gives you many opportunities to develop yourself and gain valuable skills and experience outside the lecture halls. The Studentlund membership makes you a member of a nation and the Academic Society as well as the student unions. The membership gives you access to all the things that make Lund a great city to study in. Here you can read more about what each pillar has to offer!

What does the nations, the Academic society and the student unions do?

The nations' main task is the social activities outside of your studies. The majority of the nation´s activities consist of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. Except for that you also find sports activities, newspapers, choirs, scholarships and housing. To get access to a specific nation's housing you must be a member of that particular nation.

The Academic Society (AF) is a non-profit organization for students with the goal to collect and extend cultural activities at Lund University. By offering arranged events in the AF building, AF enables associations and individuals to conduct small and large events that enrich Lund's student life. The AF building is the students' building that among other things provides study places in Café Athen. At night, the AF-building is the center for many of the activities that the AF's committees and associations organize. AF also provides housing through the foundation AFB that rents nearly 6,000 homes exclusively to students, making AFB Lund's largest student housing company.

The student unions work primarily with educational affairs, and the goal is to maintain high quality in all courses at Lund University. In addition to monitoring the education, the student unions also organizes social activities, help out with business contacts, job fairs and lectures. They also arrange welcome activities for new students.

How do I become a member?

Once you've been accepted as a student at Lund University, please register as a member on this website. More information on registration and how the membership fee is paid, you will find here. You can only join Studentlund when you have received a valid acceptance letter.